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Strawberry Festival names Royalty


Christopher Andersson

The 2015 Marysville Strawberry senior royalty were crowned on March 15 at the M-PHS auditorium. From left, Princess Marina Ciferri, Queen Savannah Perkins and Princess Cassie Coat.

The Marysville Festival board crowned three local students as the upcoming Strawberry Festival Royalty during their scholarship pageant on March 15.

Marysville Getchell student Savannah Perkins was named as the festival's queen, while Marysville-Pilchuck High School junior Cassie Coat and Marysville Getchell junior Marina Ciferri will serve as princesses.

The three junior royalty members were also crowned. Marysville Middle School student Zinead Morales and two 10th Street Middle School students, Brooke Bontrager and Ada Garza, were named as the junior royalty.

New Marysville Festival Queen Savannah Perkins wants to be part of the royalty so that she can represent her town, she said. "I want to be a representative of Marysville, so [the other communities] can see how strong we are," she said.

Being royalty means being able to be a role model as well, she said.

"I want to uphold a certain example to my community," she said.

During her speech on the theme of "Berried Treasure" she argued that the best parts of the community are just under the surface and it takes work to show them.

"Thousands of cars drive past Marysville and across the Snohomish River Estuary every single day. At that speed and from that distance they cannot see the ducks guarding their young or the salmon just under the surface of the water just like they cannot see this Marysville community, our Marysville community, is brimming with buried treasure. It is up to us to let it shine," she said.

Perkins has a passion for journalism and wants to be the editor of the New York Times one day. Currently she is the editor at Everett Community College's newspaper, The Clipper. Perkins has also worked as an intern for the North County Outlook and written articles for the paper.

In her community she has volunteered at food drives to help Oso and the Marysville Community Food Bank.

She also received the Bob Klepper Memorial Congeniality Scholarship, voted on by the candidates before the event.

Cassie Coat is a cheerleader and a varsity member of the golf team at M-PHS.

She talks about getting out of her comfort zone as an important part of finding her talents.

"I started off with soccer, softball, basketball, track and field, and volleyball. It wasn't until my freshman year I found something I enjoyed," she said.

In addition to finding golf and cheer she has found a passion in art as well.

Coat volunteers with the Special Olympics and the school beautification program You Gotta Love This Place.

She said she's very happy to serve on the royalty and hopes to meet new people.

"I'm very honored to be royalty and I can't wait to get out there and be a part of the festival," she said.

Marina Ciferri attends the Bio-Med Academy at Marysville Getchell High School and hopes to attend the University of Washington to study to become a doctor.

Christopher Andersson

Marysville Strawberry junior royalty were crowned on March 15 at the M-PHS auditorium. From left to right, Brooke Bontrager, Zinead Morales and Ada Garza.

She is a member of the National Honor Society and has given more than 200 hours of volunteer time to local organizations like the Marysville Kiwanis Club and the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center.

She is passionate about tennis and has reached the district tournament every year she has been in school. Ciferri is also an instructor at Mill Creek Tennis Club and a manager of the Marysville Getchell boys tennis team.

She said she wanted to join the royalty so that she "could become a part of the community" and is excited for the traveling she will get to do this summer.

In her speech Ciferri also hoped to shine light on the "Berried Treasure" of her community. "Our treasures are like gemstones: they both look best in the sunlight ... we have to let them shine."


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