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Rants and Raves 3/11/15


RAVE: I want to thank the young mother that returned my purse to Safeway after I left it attached to my cart. It was with such fear that someone would take it, and then find out you took the trouble to go back in the store and return it. I cannot thank you enough. May God bless you.

RANT: If I could take one word out of our vocabulary today, it would be the word “Awesome.” Everyone uses it for a variety of feelings, yet it means nothing. Instead of saying “Awesome,” how about putting some thought into what it is you wish to say. Don’t be lazy folks, explain yourself without falling back into whatever local cliche is fashionable today.

RAVE: BuzzFeed rightfully has a reputation as the biggest clickbait on the Internet with its endless “7 things that you won’t believe about X” lists, however they have actually parlayed some of their profits into legitimate investigatory journalism which I applaud them for. Their recent pieces on adults with autism and another on the U.S. foster care system were both something I didn’t expect to come from them.

RANT: “Lifehackers” spend too much time looking at ways to do things marginally differently for little to no advantage. Yes, I could open a bottle with a key or a knife or I could just use this bottle opener which is actually meant to open a bottle. Most of these “lifehacks” just seem like weird virtually unnecessary tricks.

RAVE: Getting used to Daylight Saving Time is tough, but the extra daylight in the evening will be great.

RAVE: The news that Marshawn Lynch agreed to a two-year extension to his contract is great news to all Seattle Seahawks fans.

RANT: People who play their car stereos at maximum volume should have a little consideration for the rest of us drivers. With the nice weather, we like being able to drive around with our windows down - we would really appreciate being able to do that without having to listen to whatever music you are playing.

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