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Rants and Raves 2/25/15


RAVE: A big “thank you” to the graffiti artists who decorate the train cars so we have something to look at while we wait forever for them to pass on by. Nice work, by the way.

RANT: Homeowners - when looking to buy a home, pay attention to your surroundings and give some thought to what impacts may be to you. Do you live next door to a school, guess what you are going to have before and after school traffic and your street parking is going to fill on event days and evenings! If you don’t want people parking in front of your house, make sure you buy in a private gated-community, otherwise, appreciate the fact that some people still care enough about their kids to show up at the schools and be kind.

RANT: Measles continues to spread throughout the U.S., largely through unvaccinated individuals. I understand there are reasons to be wary and skeptical of the medical industry and the science industry, but to instead put your trust in celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, one vaccine study that was revealed to be doctored and vague notions of “purity?” None of those things should be trusted more than scientists and doctors, who, while human and do make mistakes, are also right a lot of the time.

RAVE: One of my favorite modern television shows, Parks and Recreation, ends its seven-year run this week. It was an old-school comedy built on inherently good people who generally support each other, which makes it rare in today’s frequently ironic or cynical TV landscape. It was a good seven years and will be missed.

RAVE: The sun is finally out.

RANT: The realization that the drive through Everett is smooth, even with all of the traffic, but coming across the bridge into Marysville with all the congestion is annoying and frustrating. What’s up with that?

RAVE: A big thank you to our city. The streets and sidewalks are bright and clean for residents and visitors alike. We appreciate all of the work and effort .

RAVE: The sun is shining, the tulips, daffodils and crocuses are peeking up, and the birds are chirping. But the grass is growing and it’s ready to mow ... darn.

RANT: Hopefully state, county and local officials took notice of the damage caused by the massive oil train derailment in West Virginia on Feb. 16 that forced more than 100 residents to be evacuated from their homes. Fortunately no was killed or seriously injured. Would we be as fortunate if one of the oil trains that run through Marysville derailed?

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