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Rants and Raves 2/18/15


RAVE: Thank you to all those who supported our children by voting for the Arlington School District’s Transportation Levy on the recent Special Election ballot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the levy is going to pass.

RANT: Why is the gas at my favorite gas station $1.92 per gallon, while the one near my house is $2.39 per gallon. My tank holds 16 gallons, times 47 cents per gallon difference, equals $7.52 per tank.

RAVE: A big “Thank You” to all those who helped put on this year’s Arlington-Stillaguamish Eagle Festival. It was a great event with something fun and educational for everyone in the family.

RAVE: Many baseball projection systems have the Seattle Mariners as being one of the best teams in the league this summer. While the randomness of baseball tends to squash Seattle hopes, theoretically that same randomness could also help us. I know there are baseball fans who are hopeful every year, but there are actual legitimate reasons for hope this year.

RAVE: I enjoyed the sunshine we had this week. Reminds me that the first day of Spring is just about a month away on March 20. I can’t wait for it to begin.

RANT: Vaping/e-cigarette devices are not about marijuana and nearly every study ever done on them has said their vapor contains less nicotine than cigarette smoke and almost none of the carcinogens that cigarette smoke contains. There’s no laws currently restricting the devices, although the county is drawing up a plan to ban them in all public spaces, which would be more restrictive than cigarettes. Equal restrictions as cigarettes makes sense, anything more is just fear of the unknown.

RANT: Hard to believe people could be against daylight savings time. This gives working people extra family time in the evenings and beautiful 9 p.m. sunsets. We could help the Monroe residents change their clocks twice a year. Any volunteers?

RANT: Facebook should have the same rules of conversation as the dinner table. No politics or religion people. It’s really hard for me to not start a fight when everything you post is something I vehemently disagree with.

RAVE: Thanks to the Community Transit board for voting to approve a plan that will bring back Sunday bus service, as well as increasing trips on weekdays and Saturdays, beginning in June. A lot of people depend on the bus to get around so the additional service will be welcomed.

RANT: People need to pick up their own litter. I was at the park this weekend and some people were eating their lunch (from a local fast food restaurant) at a picnic table. When they left, they didn’t bother to put their garbage in a nearby trash can. They left it on the table for someone else to clean up.

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