Rants & Raves 2/4/15


RANT: Table manners, please. I’m sick and tired of sitting in a restaurant watching everybody on their phones. Doesn’t anybody talk anymore?

RAVE: I wanted to congratulate the Seattle Seahawks for having such a great season. And thanks to all of the 12s for their fantastic support.

RAVE: With the NFL football season now over, we have about two weeks before the start of Major League Baseball’s 2015 Spring Training. Go, Mariners.

RANT: Going south on State Avenue heading for the Post Office. There is a line to get in, so I go into the middle lane to wait my turn with my signal on. Then here come cars going north, and turn right in front of me to get in the Post Office. Anyone heard of taking your turn? Very annoying!

RAVE: Community Transit is planning to bring back holiday and Sunday service, if all goes as planned this summer. While I don’t ride the bus I know many who rely on their services and instead have to depend on friends during those days to get to work. Public transportation on every day is a boon for the community.

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