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Rants & Raves 1/21/15


RANT: Please stop littering. Teach your children littering is wrong. Whether it’s candy wrappers dropped at the school bus stops or the drivers who carelessly toss their coffee cups, bottles, cans, fast food garbage or other trash out their windows onto the side of the road. Some people even leave dirty diapers in school parking lots. Save your trash until you get to a trash can. I challenge people to find a road in the North County that doesn’t have some sort of trash on it. Please help get the word out to stop littering. Thank you.

RAVE: The amazing service and punctuality of Hilton Pharmacy - they are aces on Fourth.

RAVE: Sunday proved all the pointing to the heavens by the Seahawks finally paid off in Devine intervention Sunday against the poor Packers.

RANT: Railroad trains. Do I have to say any more?

RAVE: New Year’s resolutions seem to be working, I have noticed many courteous drivers.

RANT: So many people are saying “like” as if it is a word to introduce a thought. Ridiculous.

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