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Rants and Raves: 1/14/14


RAVE: Congrats to Marysville’s former school superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland for achieving the superintendent’s position for the largest school district on the West Coast, north of San Francisco. Seattle, you are lucky dudes.

RANT: We love our kids. We love our guns. But, lets keep them separate; lock them up (the guns, not the kids)!

RAVE: In one word: “Seahawks.” The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network picked up the biggest reading when Seattle Seahawks Kam Chancellor returned an interception and ran 90 yards for a touchdown!

RANT: To the people who drive aggressively without any concern for the safety of others or the harm they could do. Slow Down!

RAVE: Thank you to the honest gentleman who found my Costco credit card in the parking lot and caught up with me to return it to me before I got to the entrance. Saved my day.

RAVE: Just wanted to say thank you very much to the North County Outlook for the tickets that my granddaughter won through your coloring contest. She would not have been able to see the Lights of Christmas otherwise. Me either. She really wanted to win and was thrilled when she did.

RANT: Newspaper writers and broadcasters who use the term “opening arguments” when covering a jury trial. It’s Opening Statements, Closing Arguments. One of the first things that’s explained when you are on jury duty. I hear it on NPR all the time and it’s in the Seattle Times today.

RANT: What’s up with 172nd at Smokey Point. I picked up my sister who was staying at the Medallion Hotel to go shopping at Lakewood Crossings and it took us 20 minutes to get there.

RAVE: I wanted to say thank you to Warm Beach Camp for putting on such a wonderful light show this year. I especially loved the candied bacon! Looking forward to next year for sure.

RANT: I’m driving down downtown Marysville and I forget that the holiday season is over because all of the holiday lights are still up around the businesses and streetlight poles. I mean, the lights look nice, but I find the momentary confusion to be a mild annoyance.

RAVE: Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has been the only QB I’ve got to root for in my lifetime that I wouldn’t trade for anyone else in the league. All credit due to Matt Hasselbeck for making the 2000s a great decade for the team, but Wilson has been the only time this team has had a leader under center that I felt could always keep them in the game. Win or lose against Green Bay I think there will be many great years left for this team.


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