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Rants & Raves Jan. 7


RANT : Drivers, please, please, please use your turn signals. I cannot read your mind - if you would just let me know you want over in my lane I would happily give you all the space you need. You do not need to cut me off. Besides, its not a suggestion, it’s the law. Thanks!

RAVE: I attended the first New Year’s Eve pig roast at Bleachers Grill at the Cedarcrest Golf Course. Wonderful food, a full house and great customer service. Thank you. Job well done.

RANT: To the group of teenagers who thought it was funny to park in the handicapped spot at Safeway: Grow up. A little old lady needed to have help walking through the parking lot.

RAVE: I want to say “Thank you” to all of the police, firefighters and EMS who spent time away from their families during the recent holidays so that they could go to work to help keep our communities safe.

RANT: When out walking in stormy weather just as the sky turns pitch black and you are wearing black shoes, black pants and black hoodie, you may just get run over by a “night-blindness ridden” grandma. I almost hit two men the other night leaving church - one on 92nd and then again on 88th.


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