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Dec. 24 Rants and Raves


RAVE: To the Arlington Fire Department’s annual Santa Run and all those who donated. They collected 7,418 pounds of food and $1,759.


RANT:  Once again, on a dark and overcast winter evening, I set out across our front yard to throw out the trash.  Shaking off the chill, I rushed indoors oblivious to what I was tracking into the house:  Dog crap!  I was so furious; I wished the dumb dog dead!  But reason prevailed.  Of course, it’s not the animal’s fault but the fault of a lazy and inconsiderate owner.

We do not own pets because we take their responsibility seriously.  They require time, attention and work that should never be imposed upon our neighbors.  Even though there is a “pooper scooper” law ­— and leash law ­— in Marysville, we have witnessed individuals walking their dogs, conspicuously carrying their poop bag, but do not use it when they think no one is watching.  We confronted one such individual who simply skulked away.  I have seen dogs wandering about the neighborhood before daylight, apparently let loose at night to make their messes elsewhere. There are no decent words for thoughtless people who only wish to enjoy their pets at the expense of others.  It leaves us with little choice but to report these violations when possible; but wouldn’t the simple act of common decency and respect toward our fellow citizens be preferable by responsibly caring for one’s pets?  This would be a far more civil resolution than the coercive measures of fines and/or impoundment. 

RAVE: Thank you to the City of Marysville for putting Christmas spirit of lights along State Avenue.

RANT: So sad to see all the empty buildings along State Avenue — what would it take to start enticing businesses to move in an get Marysville back on track?

RANT: A great big “Humbug” to all of you who don’t get into the Holiday Spirit this time of year.  Couldn’t really take so much of your time to put some lights on your house.  Come on folks, brighten up your neighborhood.  If everyone did that, imagine how nice it would be to drive down the street.  Just like when you were a child … get off your “high horse” and think about someone else for a change.

RAVE: Just a shout out to all the wonderful people at Cascade Valley Hospital. The other night, my wife fell and fractured her left leg.  From the receptionist who initially took my wife’s information, to the nurse and to the PA who was very kind when they told her that her tibia was broken and that she would be off her feet for over two months, their professionalism and caring was evident.  Thanks to all of those wonderful ladies who helped that night.

RAVE: We had our company Holiday luncheon at the Village Restaurant the other day and I just have to say what a wonderful experience it was.  Our waitress was professional and efficient, the food was excellent and the atmosphere was festive.  Thanks to all of you who made our luncheon a wonderful experience.

RAVE: For those of us who were lucky enough to have been on the bus from Marysville to Leavenworth last Saturday, it was a great experience.  Thanks to the North County Outlook for putting on this trip. Thanks to “Driver Dave” from Journey Lines Bus Company. Thanks to all those hundreds of thousands of people shopping in all the festive shops, it was well worth the time.  I look forward to your next bus trip.

RANT: Something needs to change — junk mail never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming. There’s never a let up. I stopped at the post office and asked if I could fill out a form to stop it, but they said “no,” anything with my address has to be delivered.


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