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By Pam Stevens

Keep up the good work Marysville


The last couple of weeks have certainly been an emotional roller coaster, especially for the Marysville community.

Hearts continue healing and minds continue to try to wrap themselves around such a sad situation in so many young lives and those of their families.

Red and white continues to wave all over town as we each drive down the streets of a community still mourning the loss of innocence on October 24.

Hearing sirens pass puts me on edge each and every time.

But so many amazing things continue to happen as well.

Seeing the streets around Marysville-Pilchuck lined with well-wishers on the students first day back to school was inspiring.

Watching those kids walk in the doors of the building that once had so many good memories, now mixed with tragic ones, brought hope to each of us on the sidelines that while life may not be what most consider “normal” it will continue as we all move forward, one step at a time.

All of those students, teachers and administrators have been through something that none of us ever imagined and with strength and confidence, each of them have decided that this one event is not going to define them or their school.

As a parent I can only imagine how scary it must have been to send a child back to school last week. I’m sure there were many knotted stomachs and several text messages sent throughout the day to make sure that their child was doing as well as could be expected on that first day back.

The first responders have also been amazing. I don’t even want to think about what they have seen. Each of them ran into the situation well trained and ready to take on whatever they encountered.

The love and support has been abundant and well deserved. Keep up the good work Marysville. You are my hero


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