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Community support of students, families is awesome


It’s been over a week since the devastating news of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting and the loss of four young lives.

My thoughts went first to the families of these kids, all of them, and to those who had witnessed the shooting that day as they sat in the safety of their high school cafeteria.

My heart sank as I witnessed the students walking out of the school with their hands in the air in an effort to keep them safe.

Social media was being updated faster than I could keep up as students and their parents were trying to let people know what was happening.

Being a parent of high school students, I thought of my own kids and what this meant for them. Are safety standards going to change at local high schools? Will there now be metal detectors as kids walk into school each day? Can this happen at my kids’ schools?

Of course with every tragedy comes the light at the end of the tunnel.

Neighbors near the school helped students, the Grove Church open its doors for parents to find their children and for people to talk and grieve.

Soon ribbons were lining the streets of Marysville and neighboring schools were sending love and support to their friends at MPHS.

Donations were being made to help families with funeral and medical expenses and ribbons, flowers and notes lined the high school’s fence showing the outpouring of love for all students who attend there.

Arms were literally and figuratively being wrapped around Marysville and those who live here.

The hearts of the kids from the Oak Harbor football team opened so wide they were even willing to give up their title and in return, our own MPHS football handed the trophy to their fellow athletes at Oak Harbor High School.

The Seattle Seahawks even opened their practice field for the Tomahawks with many of the players and even Coach Pete Carroll showing up for support.

Yes, we are still mourning but even through tragedy, and really always through tragedy, we see the good come out in people. The positive always conquers and love seems to always abound.

Through loss we find love and compassion and because of that, I feel blessed.


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