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Get those ballots filled - It's time to vote


If you haven’t registered to vote in this year’s General Election, well, it’s too late.

But if you are one of the over 400,000 voters in Snohomish County who has received our ballot in the mail, its time to make sure you cast those votes, and soon.

It’s pretty disappointing when you realize that only 25 percent of the voters in our county participated in the Primary Election in August of this year.

Not only did 75 percent of the voters not take a short amount time to sit down and fill out their ballots but the cost of printing and mailing those ballots was a huge waste of taxpayer money.

The irony is that you have to register to vote, which mans that if you are receiving a ballot for each election, you have asked for it.

The other issue in my mind is that I hear constant complaining from people regarding the government and how things need to change; yet many of those irritated citizens have got to be included in those who do not vote.

Washington State is one of the few states where they mail all of the ballots. We don’t have to get in our cars and show up at a specific location to vote. We get the convenience of literally voting in the comfort of our own home.

Snohomish County has made it even easier for us by placing drop boxes all over the county so we don’t even have to buy a stamp or go to the post office.

For our readers, there are two drop boxes that should be convenient for all voters who live in Arlington and Marysville.

The Arlington drop box is located near the library at 135 N. Washington Ave.

Maryville’s drop box is behind the Municipal Court building at 1015 State Ave. You can use those boxes until 6 p.m. on November 4, which is Election Day.

Not only are several congressional seats up for vote but also legislative, county executive, sheriff and judges.

There are also several important initiatives on the ballot.

While this may not be a Presidential Election year, it is still important to cast your vote. Each and every vote really does matter.


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