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Thank a cop for their service


Last week there were shootings all over North Snohomish County.

A 43-year-old Granite Falls man started his morning by shooting up the Granite Falls Police Department on Thursday, Oct. 16.

After firing several rounds there he headed to Lake Stevens where he shot at the police station as well as police cars.

He then continued his shooting spree in Marysville where he shot at officers on Grove Street between 51st Ave. NE and 67th Ave. NE. He shot a Marysville Police Officer before he was shot by police and taken to the hospital where he was released several days later and booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

On Monday, Oct. 20 he was charged with first degree assault and three counts of drive by shooting.

While many of you were most likely affected by the street closures on your way to work or taking kids to school that morning, local police were affected in a very different way.

Each of those who were working inside the Granite Falls and Lake Stevens police departments were at risk of getting shot.

The police officers who responded in Marysville and apprehended the suspect, were being shot at and had to turn their guns on this man, shooting him.

Many of us take for granted the dangers that police go through each and every day, even in smaller communities like Granite Falls and Lake Stevens.

Officers in Marysville have an even bigger risk of danger merely because of the size of the community.

I have several friends who work in these departments and I know that I was scared for them when I heard about these shootings. I hoped that none of them were injured or even killed by these drive by shootings. I was relieved to hear that the were safe.

I was saddened to hear that a Marysville police officer was shot, but relieved that he was able to return home to his family later that same day.

Families who have police officers live with this very real fear each day their loved one leaves for work. They never know what might happen.

This is the perfect reminder to take a minute next time you see one of your local police officers and thank them for their service. Without those men and women who proudly put on their uniforms, we would all live in a much scarier world.

You could even send them a note or bake them some cookies. I know that they would appreciate knowing that we are grateful for them and their service.


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