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Streets are for getting you from one place to another, not for racing


A couple of months ago I was driving south on I-5 with two friends after leaving a business lunch at Bob’s Burgers and Brews.

We were driving 65 miles per hour, as was every other driver around us.

Soon, the driver of our car gasped as she looked into the rearview mirror. What she saw was frightening and even worse, there was nothing we could do.

Two cars came barreling toward us going much faster than we were, probably close to 100 miles per hour I would guess.

They started dodging in and out of traffic and soon one driver had no where to go so he swerved to miss a car and hit the cement dividers right in front of us and several other cars.

His car swirled around over 270 degrees, he was now facing west, and started falling apart all over the road. I thought for sure we were going to have to witness this young man’s body lying on the road dead.

All of the drivers came to a screeching halt, including his friend, and looked at each other in shock. What was even more shocking is that once the teen driver registered what had happened he actually took off in his car. His friend followed suit.

I can’t imagine that he got very far but I am sure that he knew the police were on their way, Everyone around us immediately picked up their cell phones and started dialing, including all three of us in our car.

After gaining our composure, we drove off as well, shaking after almost being hit.

I will admit that it was really hard to get behind the wheel of my car and get back on that freeway right after this happened. It was extremely disturbing to watch two cars fly pass you on the interstate and then witness one crashing abruptly in front of you.

Only a few days later I was in Marysville driving north on State Street. Again, two young boys came flying past me racing each other down this busy city street.

One of the boys ran a stop light in front of me while the other slammed on his brakes to stop.

According to the average deaths from street racing each year is 135, however, “according to some sources, these statistics are only a fraction of the real death rate. It is hard to actually determine whether or not a death was caused by illegal street racing causing some people to believe the numbers are higher than stated.”

Driving is not a right and we need to realize that it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of not only ourselves but also those driving around us.

Please talk to your teens, let them know the risks that they are creating not only for themselves but for those around them. Public roads are not for racing and teens don’t have the driving skills to be racing down busy roads where other drivers and pedestrians are.


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