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Raising kids may be tough but it should be a parent's first priority


Social media ran rampant last week with the story of the man at Burger King who was standing in front of a mom and her child while waiting to order at the counter.

For those of you who didn’t see or hear about it, apparently the child was begging, screaming and repeating that he wanted an apple pie. The child’s mom basically ignored him allowing his obnoxious behavior to continue while others were trying to order their food.

The man in front of the pair was so disgusted that the mother was allowing the child to behave this way that he bought out every last apple pie that they had – 23 pies in all.

When the mother got to the counter she ordered her child a pie and the cashier told her that they were gone.

Let’s just say that the mother was upset and the kid was upset but the man who took all of the pies went off eating his pies with a smile, probably more like a smirk, on his face.

My first reaction when I heard this story on the radio was that the kid deserved it and I have to admit, I laughed. Let’s get real and admit that we have all witnessed situations where parents have allowed their kids to behave badly with no concern for those around them.

While I would not go so far as to buy out all of the pastries, I do, however, feel that the mother kind of deserved what happened. It is her responsibility to teach her child acceptable social behavior and discipline accordingly not just grant him his every wish.

You may be wondering if I have kids of my own and the answer is yes. They too had their moments of bad behavior and I will admit there were times when I ignored them so I could accomplish my mission and get them home as soon as possible. But really, most of the time I would never allow my kids to act that way, especially in public.

I think that parents often forget that their children’s actions do affect other people but sadly, many don’t seem to care.

My personal opinion is that this kid should have been taken to the car or the bathroom and told that he would get nothing, especially an apple pie, if he didn’t settle down. I know from where I speak. I can count several instances that I left my shopping cart full and picked up my kid and left the store because of a temper tantrum. It may be inconvenient but that’s my job as a mom. Teaching our kids that screaming and whining will get them what they want is a sad fact that happens too often in our society.

Another story I read last week was about a mother who wanted to smoke marijuana in the hospital right after she gave birth and while she was breastfeeding.

The woman was mad that the hospital wouldn’t allow her to do this. I was mad that a mother cared more about herself than she did about the welfare of her newborn child.

It was interesting to read the posts people wrote after the news station ran the teaser on their Facebook news feed. Probably 99 percent of the hundreds of comments were very critical of the mother, questioning her judgment and the safety of her child. I have to agree with those comments.

Being a parent is hard, no parent would ever say that it isn’t but it was a choice each parent made when they decided to raise that child.

When you make that choice you are choosing that your child comes first, that you will do your best to raise a human being that will be a benefit to society and a respectable and respectful adult.

Allowing children to behave badly just because we don’t want to deal with their behavior will not teach that child what is acceptable in society.

So, next time your child throws a fit, especially out in public, please take the time to pick that child up, take him outside and tell him, in a patient tone, that his behavior is not all right. It may take a time or two of being inconvenienced but I can tell you from experience that once he knows that you will leave without the item he is screaming for, he won’t do it many more times.

Being a parent is the hardest job there is but it is also the most rewarding job you can do so do it well! There are no second chances.


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