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Kindness and compassion can go a long way


I am a dog lover and lately I’ve been investing a little too much time watching dog videos that people are posting on Facebook.

While this may not be the best use of my time I have found, through these touching and sometimes funny videos, that kindness and compassion abound in this world.

One of the most heart-warming films I saw was a news story in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The clip states that there are a tremendous amount of homeless dogs in Sao Paulo and one woman found a dog that needed her help, it looked like a golden retriever mix of some sort. She started making the beautiful animal dinner every night and meeting the dog on the side of the road.

For the first little while the dog ate every last drop of the food she made. However, soon the dog started to stop after taking a few bites and would pick up the grocery bag the food was in and carry it away.

The woman decided to follow the dog one night and found that it was traveling over four miles, on busy highways, to take the food to other abandoned dogs.

My heart was touched by not only the compassion of the woman, who chose not to go anywhere in the evenings so that she could feed that dog, but also the dog who also felt empathy for others in his situation, even going as far as risking his life for them.

I soon found another news clip about a neighborhood outside of Houston, Texas that came together to help one of their neighbors.

Everyday for years, one of the men who lived in the neighborhood walked his dogs. The neighbors would wave as he passed by thinking nothing of it.

Soon they realized that he wasn’t moving as quickly or maybe not going as far. They found out they he had been diagnosed with leukemia.

The neighbors banned together and made signs to place on lawn chairs in each of their yards letting their neighbor know that he could sit down and rest as he needed to on his walks.

Something so simple that touched not only the man and his family but also brought a neighborhood closer.

As the news of the last remaining victim of the Oso landslide came to light this past week, the tireless efforts of all of those who searched relentlessly to bring the last victim to her family brought me to tears. Four months of searching, day in and day out and hours on end, is allowing the Regelbrugge family the peace they so deserve.

The outpouring of love by not only the communities of Oso, Darrington, Arlington and Marysville but also the state of Washington and even the nation has been something to behold.

We may still have to witness wars, murders and other horrible events airing in the media but we also get to observe all the good in this world; compassion and kindness that goes on every minute of every day.

I, for one, would love to see and hear more of those stories. That is the reason I watch those videos.


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