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By Beckye Randall
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Moving on


Seven years ago, I had the opportunity to help create a new business, a local community newspaper serving the Marysville-Arlington community that would focus on hyper-local news and community events. Now it’s time for me to say goodbye to North County Outlook and its readers as I take on new challenges and opportunities.

July 11 is my last day as editor of the paper.

Leaving a business that I helped build was a difficult decision, and one not made lightly. But a number of factors contributed to the “plus” side of the equation, including the need to reduce some stress in my life and the desire to take on a more active role in the management of Red Curtain Foundation for the Arts, the nonprofit arts education organization that is working hard to create a community center for the performing arts and culture in Marysville.

I had just moved to the Marysville area with my family a few months before the first issue of North County Outlook hit local mailboxes, after spending the previous 20 years in Everett. I admit I was unfamiliar with the politics, school districts, issues and opportunities in the Marysville and Arlington communities, so the first year was an intense period of learning—doing research, making connections, attending community events; talking to elected officials, teachers, community leaders, business owners, residents and youth.

Time spent becoming immersed in the communities was a wise investment, one that helped the paper stay focused on the news that was important to our neighbors. Our coverage ensured that student achievements—in more than sports—were recognized and honored; that locals had the information they needed to make good decisions about school bonds or council elections; that community service organizations got credit for the good works their members do everyday. We told stories about interesting people, devastating tragedies and mundane street repairs with equal dedication.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done together here at North County Outlook, and grateful for the opportunity it gave me to share good news about our local communities and the people who live and work here.

My work with Red Curtain is a continuation of that commitment to Marysville, a desire to help spur our city’s artistic and cultural growth along with its growing population and economy. A community’s quality of life is a big factor in companies’ location decisions, and a vibrant artistic core will help attract residents and employers while filling the need for local, affordable entertainment and arts education programming.

Pam Stevens will be taking over the editor’s chair here at North County Outlook and I wish her every success. I know she’ll be welcomed by city leaders and residents as I was seven years ago, and that she’ll carry on the tradition, with the help of the paper’s strong team of reporters, of bringing readers timely, relevant, local stories that matter.


Reader Comments

MOakes writes:

Wishing you the best on the next leg of your journey. Knowing/working with you for over 30 years, I know it will be fabulous… just like you!


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