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By Katie Bourg
Senior Daze 

Summer fun just getting started


I'm getting much better about finding my way around the streets of Everett. For several years the Stilly Singers have taken advantage of the summer pianos that are placed on city streets there. We take our song books with us and sing our hearts out. Other people wander by. Some stop to listen. Others smile and sing with us. We sing songs dating back over a century, all the way to the Beatles. Whatever our piano player, Carol, decides to play, we sing. It is almost always good weather and can become very hot. But that's all right. We sing anyway.

And after we run out of breath, we walk down the street to the first place we can find ice cream. Or cookies and drinks. We spend another hour socializing. We have plenty of time. We are seniors, and few have pressing requirements at home. It is always a good day. We talk of repeating the experience frequently. We haven't gotten there more than once a summer, yet. Maybe we will this summer.

This past weekend was spent at the Schack Center street fair on Hoyt. Two blocks were closed to traffic and filled with booths full of many interesting items that talented people were making. No matter how often I go to one of these shows, I always see things I have never seen before. I go home with new ideas I never try, but enjoy thinking about. This time I saw a lot of artwork made of metal. Apparently Rosie the Riveter of WWII fame has evolved into a most interesting artist. If I was younger I might want to try it.

Maybe I've got more time on my hands, but it seems to me Everett has more fun things going on than the big cities. There are so many things to do around this area.

Marysville will be a busy place this week. The Strawberry Festival starts on Saturday, the 14th. It goes on until June 22nd. There is always something for everyone. Me? I'm going for the strawberry waffles. As often as I can get there.

And I think I'll pack a sandwich and chair and spend Friday evening in Arlington at Terrace Park for an evening of Patsy Cline music delivered by singer Meg McLynn. It's free but they’re collecting donations for the Oso victims. Should be a nice way to spend a summer evening.

I always expect summer to be a time when I slow down. Doesn't look like it is going to be that way.

I take a lot of unexpected naps these days. But I'm not going to let them make me miss what's going on around me. I don't have time for naps.


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