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By Katie Bourg
Senior Daze 

Busy calendar keeps time in its place


Our first taste of summer was short and sweet, but oh, so welcome. I got the geraniums in the ground. Swept the patio and fired up the fans. I dug out some shorts that I wear in the hottest temps, and only in the privacy of my own house. Thought about looking for my big iced tea jar.

And then the rain came back. I knew it was going to. My hip told me so--in advance. The weatherman said it was not going to rain all that much and he was right. The middle of the week things were warming up again, and I do like hot tea. By this weekend it was misty in the morning, but the afternoon was very pleasant. I even wore a skirt to attend a party.

Jim and Karen Lee celebrated fifty good years as man and wife on Saturday, the 17th of May. The Stilly Singers were there. The stamping clubs were present. Old friends and new ones were all in happy attendance.

Their youngest son was acting emcee. He did a good job, but commented at least twice that he’d come late to the family and had heard the word ‘mistake’ on occasion.

I told him there were no mistakes. It was on my mind at the time. My youngest, Tom, who lives with me had saved me considerable expense the day before. He got rid of those nasty tent caterpillars so I didn’t have to. There are some serious advantages to having a late child. I wouldn’t want to be without him. He also takes out the garbage; something his older brother was never very good about. In fact we felt the older son, Charles, joined the army to avoid the job. His father laughed steadily for three years. When he came home, he volunteered. By then we’d made other plans.

I can remember when fifty years was a long time. Now it’s not so long. You grow and change and settle into a new routine. Each change that comes along just becomes another adjustment as the marriage grows stronger. One day you look at the calendar and get a shock. ‘By golly we’ve made it. And wasn’t it fun?’ Happy anniversary, Karen and Jim.

Try for another 50. Who knows? You might make it.

Got a letter from the Marysville police the other day about something I had not heard of called TrackMole, a new method of tracking stolen goods. I assume just about everyone else got it too. Having just experienced the pain of a stolen car in our driveway, I read the letter thoroughly. Sounds like a good idea and think we will take advantage of it. Anything that will help the local law enforcement help us has got to be worth the effort. If you didn’t take a good look at the letter, maybe you better go back and take another look.

Charlie the Cat is enjoying long naps on our sunny stoop. Charlie will be four years old this fall. He does not appear to be aging. Just getting lazy. And he still likes to climb the fence and sit on the peak of the roof. That’s where he waits for me to come home. His treats are in the house, and he wants to be ready, always. Charlie used to sleep with me. I guess I’m too restless for he now refuses to share my bed. He has moved to the old sewing machine. He still pounces on me in the early morning hours, however. And he helps me read the paper.

The Herald has lost some of its appeal this week. I never missed Larry Simoneaux on Monday morning. His retirement last week was a real let down. I guess everyone has the right to retire when they feel like it. But I wasn’t ready for it to happen.

The Stilly Singers will start their vacation this week. We start again the last week of August. The Stilly Center remains open for lunch and entertainment every Friday. Maybe I will get there and enjoy some old friends. My calendar seems to become more crowded with age. I’m busier nowadays than I can ever remember. It’s better than sitting around. Think I’ll go take a walk.


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