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By Katie Bourg
Senior Daze 

It's time for geraniums in flowerbeds


So far we have had a good beginning to spring, give or take a few setbacks in the weather department. A good day or two energizes the natural urge to get out and do something about the yard. A return to rain and cold fired up a painful message from my hip. Both seemed to last just long enough to alter my intentions. My flowerbeds gave me dirty looks every time I stepped out the door into the bad weather. The hip continued to complain when the sun came out.

Last week daughter Karen called and said she was coming up to take care of the problem. By then I was coming down with a bad case of the flu, and didn’t feel like arguing with her. She has a beautiful yard of her own. It’s not really a yard. It’s a park. I feel she has enough to do at home. To sit on her deck is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I also wouldn’t mind her help, either. And her knowledge is far superior to mine. So, in a few short hours she had my front flowerbed looking pretty good. She pulled all the unnecessary foliage away from my six little roses and blue spruce bushes. She scattered something I never heard of before all through the rest of the bed to inhibit the return of the weeds. I leaned my sore hip against the front of my freshly-washed car and had a pleasant conversation with two of my neighbors. Don’t see much of them in winter. Did some catching up.

Then I began to think about geraniums. Red ones and white ones. We went to lunch at Ivar’s, then stopped at Fred Meyer. Seemed like about time for them to have their annual sale of small geraniums. I always watch for their ad. Well I was a couple of weeks late. So I will be looking somewhere else for my favorite summer flowers. Hmmm! Guess I’m spending too much time fussing about my hip.

I spent the next week fighting the flu. It can’t be allergies. I love all the pretty pink trees around town, and I’m the one member of my family that does not react badly to spring’s delights. Whatever it is, it sure has had a grip on me. I still haven’t gotten out for the geraniums. And I’m running out of Kleenex, fast!

My mother did not buy her geraniums in the spring. She dug them up in fall, potted them and planted the pots on every windowsill. Through the winter she periodically broke off branches and planted them in new pots. Boy, did we have geraniums. I’ve thought of trying this many times over the years, but just never got around to it.

When we lived in Gold Bar my husband built a large glass porch. We didn’t heat it, but left the sliding glass ajar, so nothing froze. I had one bright pink geranium that climbed to the ceiling and bloomed all winter. I really enjoyed it. But we took a trip and left a neighbor to water the plants on the porch. I forgot to give him a key. So much for geraniums. I was never the family gardener. Karen inherited her talent from her Dad.

I’ve been lazy the last few weeks. I’m tired of winter. I’m tired of my sore hip. And to be honest, I’m pretty tired of my attitude.

I think it is time to think “SPRING.”


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