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By Katie Bourg
Senior Daze 

Lovely spring days offer hope


I’ve got a few tulips working their way through the weeds that are my flowerbeds. One is even showing a little color. I’ve also got my hour of daylight back. What I don’t seem to have is the ability to adjust. I’m not sleeping in my winter mode, but I don’t seem to be sleeping on the long-awaited summer plan either.

Charlie the Cat is having trouble waking me up for his morning treats. When I do finally reach for my slippers, Charlie frantically claws the door to get out of the bedroom. He is of the firm opinion that my schedule should adjust to his. All this seems to leave me a little groggy for several hours. My morning cup of coffee fails to energize me. At least not to the point of thinking clearly about the day ahead. Maybe by the first of May?

Like everybody else my mind is on the tragedy up at Oso. It is so heartbreaking. People are expressing their feelings in letters to the editor and showing mixed emotions. I don’t understand how anyone can be held to blame. Nature has its own agenda. No one can ever be sure of all the answers. We can only hurt for the people affected and hope for as much recovery as possible. And better weather to help those working so hard for the victims.

While nursing a sore hip, I have spent a little more time with the TV. I’ve finally discovered the pleasure of Channel Nine. Doc Martin has become a Friday night must. So have the Midwives on Sunday. English TV is different than ours, but I’m finding I enjoy it, especially when sharing it with neighbor Kitty and her daughter Betsy. Companionship is the whipped topping on the electronic cake.

My son has finally resolved his car problem. Several weeks ago his little old Honda was stolen from the front yard of our house. It was found but damaged beyond reasonable repair. He has had difficulty disposing of it because there was no record of the original loan having been paid off. The loan company went out of business without completing the necessary paperwork. He had not kept receipts for fifteen years. With the help of DOT he now knows how to get past the legalities involved. He will have to pay the state $50 to clear the way. We live in an interesting world when your property is destroyed and you can’t even bury your beloved machine without added expense. Somehow that doesn’t seem quite right to me.

Younger members of the family laugh at me for never throwing away any paperwork. It now appears I may be doing the right thing. But I don’t think the state is. That is a mild irritant. One of many that come and go without a lot of thought.

On the other hand a new friend is always a good thing. Even when I took nearly a year to get around to looking for her. A nice note to the Outlook, months ago, caught my eye as I was looking through my scrapbook. I noticed the pleasant message and reference to another cat named Callie. Also an address only a few blocks from my house. I grabbed my car keys and paid a visit to the resident human. Callie was lounging in her favorite chair, just as Charlie does in mine. Her name is Kay Marsh, and the next two hours found we have much in common. Both widows now, of men who served their country. We talked about the lives we have lived, and I learned she had lived awhile in my Colorado hometown. She had a baby in the hospital where I worked for two years. The world really is smaller than you think. It was a pleasant two hours. I think I’ll try to take her singing.

It is Spring, and soon it will be Easter. Cherry trees are blooming everywhere. And I’m ready for some warm weather. Like the song says: ‘It’s a Lovely Day Today.’ Enjoy!


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