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By Katie Bourg
Senior Daze 

Random musings on a Sunday afternoon


What can you do with a three-year-old tom cat that still thinks he’s a needy kitten, and curls up against your chest so you can’t read the paper?

If I tell him to grow up and push him off, he sits on my foot stool and looks hurt. If I ignore his attempt at shaming me, he moves to the front door and claws the woodwork. The door is metal. The casing looks like spaghetti. I have tried using a spray bottle on him, but he is faster than I am. I’m wet. The floor is wet. The cat is high and dry on my sewing table, where there are too many things that must avoid a shower.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Charlie the cat. But there are times when it is a ‘love/hate’ relationship. And a constant challenge that I rarely win. Come bedtime, he curls up against me and purrs me to sleep. He knows he is winning the battle. It is embarrassing to lose every time to a supposedly “dumb animal.” I have a sinking feeling I am the dumb animal.

In spite of my lack of control I do manage to read the local editorial page every day, including the letters to the editors. There are still a few writers coming into print about the wide difference in wages between those at the top and the lowly worker. It is an argument we never really get away from. I don’t think much on the subject. But I’m sitting here thinking that I’m comfortable because of the pension my husband earned for us. And I can’t help wondering what will happen to those Boeing workers that just agreed to give up what has always worked for so many. Time will tell.

Like just about everyone else, I have followed the Amanda Knox case. I think I would not want a child of mine to go to Italy. If the judge suffered over the verdict, it has to be because he wasn’t sure it was right. How many times can you convict a person for the same thing? Once acquitted, shouldn’t it be the end of the game? I’m just happy it wasn’t my daughter or son. This family has suffered enough---much more than the judge. And I won’t have much respect for our legal system if we send her back for more of the same.

As I am writing on Sunday, my son entered the room to remind me of the Seahawks vs. Broncos game at 3:00 today. We shop on Sundays, when he is home, and he is very bad about waiting until late in the day to get ready. Apparently, he is going to rush through shopping and fill my house with football. I readily admit to a severe distaste for the game. Think I’ll be spending the afternoon in my bedroom with my Kindle. I’m actually learning to like the fool thing.

See you after football fades into the yesterday. At least for this year.


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