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By Katie Bourg
Senior Daze 

Flu taints Christmas, hangs on for new year


This Christmas I found a very effective way to save money. I went to bed with the current flu bug. If you have not yet met this one, I would advise avoiding it, if at all possible. I whooped and hollered and clutched multiple quantities of paper nose wipers. If Scott Paper had known what was coming, they might have decided to stay in Everett. I certainly would have been a good customer for a couple of weeks.

I am now recovering, at least to the point of being irritable and full of complaints. The family was smart. They were all staying out of reach of my acidic tongue…once I got my voice back.

But Christmas came and went and I’m grateful for the good times. I got a very pretty red coat from daughter Karen. Also a bunch of fancy hangers. I only needed one to hang the coat up, but it is nice to have extras. My son filled my gas tank, handed me the receipt and said, “Merry Christmas.” Everyone was good to me, in spite of my bad behavior.

So it’s a New Year. I still have a small cough to remind me of the last one. But old routines are still around. The Stilly singers will be singing again in a few weeks. We have to get the music ready for it. Those of us who put it together will meet and follow the job with a nice lunch. I have a year of record keeping to complete. And school will be underway, so I’ll be watching the little guys headed in the right direction.

Most of my Christmas sewing is still waiting for completion. My cutting table is overloaded. Well, there is always next Christmas. I don’t think I’m going to worry about anything. Unless that flu bug comes back to bite me again.

I listened to the recent Sunday morning commentators, and decided nothing worthwhile is happening in the other Washington. Obamacare is now the law of the land. I think it is going to be some time before we know how it works, and how well it works. I’ve felt it would be a good thing, but not for awhile. I’m a little uneasy at present.

I received my annual notice from Social Security, telling me I was going to have $18 more a month to live on this year. That was nice. Then I received a notice from my medical plan telling me my monthly dues were going up $74. I think I just lost $56 a month, and I’m not sure what I’m thinking.

Think I’ll give up thinking about it.

Happy New Year!


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