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By Katie Bourg
Senior Daze 

Make a joyful noise - Sing!


I don’t care what other people say. I like the hustle and bustle. I liked teachers that got out all the broken crayons and let the kids smear every piece of paper they could find with whatever they thought looked like Santa Claus or angels. I liked reindeer, colored outside the lines with phony looking streamers hanging from their crooked antlers.

Singing at the top of our lungs was fun and made us good company. Even the bullies among us didn’t spoil the fun. And I don’t think any of us were damaged in any permanent way by singing words we didn’t necessarily understand, or agree with. It was the bellowing that counted.

I wish we could go back to the days when, for a whole month every year, all kids could push the wind through their lungs, off key or otherwise.

I know that is not politically correct today. I understand the reasoning behind the changes we have agreed to. But I don’t think we are better off. And if you look around, we have not really changed the push and shove that has always been a part of grade school society. Or rearranged the baser instincts that are found among our young as they advance into maturity. We’ve still got a long way to go before boys quit pulling girls’ hair, or tripping each other as they waltz down the aisle between school desks. Nothing but age will ever overcome that kind of nonsense.

I have to wonder if we’ve really made any progress towards a more civilized society. These kids are going to grow up and be what they have always been. Some are going to be proper with their noses in the air. Some are going to become parents and attempt to improve their own image in their new creature creations. And some are going to run for Congress and other unfortunate assemblies, where they probably won’t act any better than what we’ve already produced.

So why can’t we relax and let the kids in school do the same?

Let’s all sing. Birds do. Coyotes howl. So does Owen, the dog I live with. He isn’t making any particular statement. He’s just making noise and getting it out of his system. It makes him feel good.

I belong to the Stilly Senior Singers. We do the same thing. As do other choirs all over the county. It’s not making a political statement. It just plain feels good.

You really ought to join us.

And whether you agree with it or not, have a nice holiday.


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