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Summer reading, but where's summer?


Poison Ivory

By Tamar Myers

($7.99, Avon Imprint of HarperCollins)

This amusing mystery is part of a series based in an antiques store named the Den of Antiquity, which even the owner, Abigail Timberlake Washburn, occasionally calls the Den of Iniquity. But Abby might correct someone else by saying, "Iniquity is my avocation, not my vocation."

This misnomer is not always inaccurate, as events ensue with Abby at the epicenter in this waterfront South Carolina city. Abby has imported a special furnishing for her mother's eightieth birthday surprise, and it should be easy enough for her to pick it up when it arrives at the dock.

Abby's feisty mama lives with her and has all the charm of a Southern lady, typically following such comments as "'re dumber than a post" with "bless your heart." She wants to be involved in anything Abby comes up with. Friends and fellow business owners participate in these events, and they are all wonderfully drawn by the author.

In spite of multiple references to high-calorie desserts, this book has no trans-fat. It's a nice, light read for those brief periods between hailstorms when we can actually sit in the sun with a book. This is a delightful book, even if you have to dodge inside to read it.

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